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Indonesian Rupiah
On The Blockchain

1 IDK = 1,000 IDR

IDK is an Indonesian Rupiah backed stablecoin

Blockchain Powered Efficiency For All

Powered by blockchain technology, users are able to enjoy instantaneous, stable and friction-less transactions. IDK intends to lead and promote financial inclusion by providing the gateway between traditional finance and the upcoming digital generation.

Border-less and Secure

IDK enables truly border-less movement of digital assets. The IDK Foundation also partners with accredited financial institutions to ensure safe custody of fiat Rupiah to back the issuance of IDK.

How does IDK Work?

  1. The IDK Foundation works with trusted merchant partners as its primary token distributors. The merchant partners may collect necessary personal information from the buyers of IDK based on regulatory guidelines.
  2. When users convert fiat Rupiah to IDK, the merchant partners will transfer IDK to the users’ ERC20 wallet of choice.
  3. Users can trade IDK for other digital assets on supported exchange partners listed on the IDK Foundation website.
  4. Users can redeem IDK to fiat Rupiah from merchant partners, who will transfer the redemption amount to the users’ bank accounts.

About IDK

Independent Accountant's Reports


Latest version is v1.26032019

About IDK Foundation

IDK Foundation is a nonprofit charitable trust company. The Foundation’s mission is to promote financial inclusion and technological advancement for the Indonesian economy through blockchain technologies.

Official Exchange Partners


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