IDK is transitioning into IDRX

To our valued stakeholders,

We wish to inform you of the discontinuation of the IDK Foundation effective as of 30 November 2023, and the IDK stablecoin project will embark on a new transformative chapter as IDRX stablecoin which sits on Polygon Network (formerly Matic Network). IDRX has been available in Indodax since 5th July 2023, and there is an option for all of the IDK holders in Indodax to have automatic conversion into IDRX. For more information on IDRX, you can visit or contact Indodax’s support team.

Revisiting the IDK Foundation’s history, it embarked on a groundbreaking journey in May 2019 as a not-for-profit organization committed to exploring the potential applications of an Indonesian rupiah-pegged stablecoin on the blockchain, a pioneering initiative that aimed to test the feasibility of this innovative concept. Over the years, we have appreciated your support and involvement in this initiative. The mission and journey will continue with the IDRX project which will continue to pursue the advancement of the blockchain and stablecoin ecosystem. By leveraging Polygon’s high-speed and low-cost infrastructure, IDRX aims to provide users with fast and affordable transactions, making it easier to use IDRX for day-to-day payments and transfers.

We extend our sincere appreciation to each and every one of you who believed in our vision and supported us on this journey. Your dedication and enthusiasm have been instrumental in driving our efforts forward. For any further inquiries or assistance regarding the discontinuation process, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at

With heartfelt gratitude,

IDK Foundation Team